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Christmas time

Yep. I think so. Woke up early morning and after spending some time looking out of the window and enjoying the view I went back to sleep. That’s what you do when you are on holidays!!! Usually my conscience doesn’t allow me to sleep in but today it was sleeping peacefully. It’s strange, I never know what kind of dream my conscience sees! Oh well, one of these days I will figure it out… 🙂

I took a video this morning… Didn’t find a way to insert it to my post. If you know one – please tell me!! So I am posting a link to it… Hope it works. It’s a short video, just 15 secs..

White Christmas


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There are so many interesting art and crafts projects that I really really really want to try! Why can’t I choose one and start working on it? I think too many choices are actually bad for us…

This is a picture of one of the gifts I made for a friend of mine. You can hang these butterflies and watch them dance…


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Constant education

Everything in our life is teaching us a lesson. Whether a person will or won’t stay long in our life he/she will teach us something.  What kind of lesson will it be – it’s up to us to decide. Sometimes we are refusing to see the real lesson because we afraid to let go, we glued ourselves to whatever is happening right now so we cannot even see clearly.

I know it will sound like a cliche but even if the lesson is making you cry it will make you better.

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Where to go to find good news?

I don’t usually read the news. Of course, there is no protection from bad stuff that is happening every day but I prefer to read something that makes me feel better. Once in a while I stumble upon some links, and I click on them and read… Today it was a page about a little girl who died in a daycare on my birthday. I can’t imagine how her parents feel…

I finished reading “The Forty Rules of Love”  by Elif Shafak, and I’m still living in this book even though it is already resting on one of the shelves in the library. After I read the news about that little girl I immediately remembered one of the rules from the book:

“Rule #39: While the parts change, the whole always remains the same. For every thief who departs this world, a new one is born, And every decent person who passes away is replaced by a new one. In this way not only does nothing remain the same but also nothing ever really changes.”

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Finally, I watched “Atonement”. I haven’t read the book, but the movie was so sad. I was so hoping for a different ending… I know, the movie wasn’t just about WW2.

When I was a kid I always liked the books about World War 2. The characters in those books were the heroes, but I never thought about how was it like – being at war. My grandma didn’t tell me much, even when I asked. Now I think because she saw a lot and she didn’t really wanted to share her pain. Also she probably didn’t want to scare me. I hope my son will never know the damage the war can bring.

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“Whatever life takes away from you, let it go”

– Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.

I found this quote while looking what to put in my next emails that I am sending to my friends every morning. Usually every email contains one picture – a funny one or a piece of beauty. Sometimes I am adding a quote to it.

Now… The first thought after I read this quote was “how to let go if life takes away your health?” Do I even understand the concept of letting go? How can one be calm and accepting the fact that he/she isn’t healthy anymore? 

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shaffer Today I finished reading this book and now I am still living in it… It was a really good book with a wonderful and touching story written in a letter-style. I was excited to find out how it is going to end and now I am sad the book is done. After this kind of books it’s hard to find the next book to read that will be as good.

I was reading reviews on Goodreads and was surprised to see that some people didn’t like this book. They hated it, in fact. I wanted to leave a comment – “how can you judge a book by reading just a few pages??”…

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