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We went to Royal Ontario Museum today. Haven’t been there for a long time. Some memories from the past came to my mind… We used to live in downtown.

I love the museums. We saw dinosaurs, chinese architecture and japanese bottles, lots of animals and went into the bat cave… And then we saw a new exhibition. Jorinde Voigt: Beethoven 1-32. You can read a bit more about it here. You can even see a few pictures there. I didn’t quite get it how it was done, so I think I will do some research later…


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I wish there were more video masterclasses like this one. Professional, understandable and just a pleasure for your eyes and ears. I found this video on Pianist Magazine website. Hope it will help somebody who is struggling to play the chords.

Lesson on how to play chords

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Stephen Hough

I stumbled upon the article about  Stephen Hough.  I have never heard of him, so I was very interested to find out more. The article states that “Hough is a true polymath—a fascinating writer who can eloquently discuss music, food and theology, as well as a gifted composer. He’s also one of the most talented pianists who ever sat at a keyboard.”  I wonder where can I find the records now… Want to hear Hough’s performance.

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I was practicing on my ukulele yesterday. Half an hour and I still can’t feel my fingertips. I was grateful that I am not left handed otherwise it would be kinda difficult to hold the pencil. But the post isn’t about my poor fingers. I was thinking why I am often getting discouraged while practicing? Doesn’t matter either it is a piano practice or ukulele… Why am I so uncertain in my skills? Where it comes from I wonder… Anyway, yesterday I did learn from a very old book called “A practical Method for Self Instruction on the ukulele and banjo ukulele”. This book was published in 1914. I realized one more time that I don’t like the chords! I am a melody kinda girl 🙂
Hmm… will I feel my fingertips tomorrow? 🙂

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Black and white

    Have you ever touched the keys of an old piano? There is a special beauty that hiding between all this black-n-whiteness. These keys can tell you a story, and only you can choose either it will be a sad story or something that will make you jump out of joy. The new generation of pianos, these shiny and clean instruments with lots of buttons and possibilities, are waiting for you in the spacious rooms of the music stores. They are promising you that there will be no need for tuning, no frustration because one of the keys is stuck and no matter how hard are you trying to press it won’t make a sound. Don’t get me wrong, I do know that the digital pianos aren’t that bad and personally I like the option of being able to use headphones while practicing. I still remember my neighbour who kept asking my mom how long till I finish the music school 🙂 I have a feeling she didn’t really like me practicing the scales 🙂

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